Monday, December 21, 2009

The Secret’s Out, Now What?

The Secret’s Out, Now What?

Six Keys to Manifestation

Part One in a Six part series

I was originally doing this as one post and decided to make it a series. I noticed as I typed it was getting a bit long. For quality sake, I figured I would turn it into a series allowing me to elaborate on each part as necessary. This is part one of a six part series where we will discuss the Art of manifestation over the next six weeks. Join in, add your thoughts and ask your questions.

Over the next six weeks we will discuss:
Week One – Vision
Week Two – Intention & Attention
Week Three – Belief & Feeling
Week Four – Joyous Action
Week Five – Correction & Adjustments
Week Six – Realization & Maintenance

2010 is going to be a great year; at least it will be if you believe it will!

It’s No Longer a Secret

Ladies and Gentleman the proverbial Cat is out of the bag! By now we all know about “The Secret”. It is safe to say The Secret is out. The movie and book burst on the scene and created a buzz like no other, thanks much in part to Oprah. In one brief moment, what seemed like a minute, millions awakened to the power of The Law of Attraction.

Many people started to understand that whatever we can imagine we can create. For some this was reinforcement of an existing belief. To many people The Secret was the beginning of a new way of thinking and living. A lot of people started to live more consciously and spiritually from that moment. Quite a few people were left a little lost feeling the idea was too far-fetched and more magical mystical hoopla than anything concrete that could be used to improve their lives. And many felt and still feel it’s nothing more than just positive thinking. One key thing it helped me do is take more responsibility for my life; good, bad or indifferent.

Well to add to those groups above is the group that believes The Secret and the Law of Attraction was only part of the story and that it gives people the wrong impression that you can just imagine something and ‘POOF” it would appear. Folks in this group believe when you want to manifest something in your life it takes more than vision alone. I am inclined to agree with this group and although I believe the Law of Attraction is real and powerful, I think the following keys, help to complete the story.

Now before I continue, in fairness to the movie and book some basic element, of almost everything I am going to share, was mentioned. My intention is to elaborate and give a bit more detail and clarity to the Law of Attraction and the Art or Manifesting the life of your dreams, on a whole.

Let’s begin.

We know that if an architect draws plans and then puts those schematics or blue prints in a drawer never to be viewed again, “even if” by chance or divine intervention the building he imagined got built it wouldn’t have been by him! But we also know before those plans were drawn they were first a thought; an image in the imagination of the creating architect. I’m here to tell you that is all anything is…”a thought”. You create Your world, everyday by your thoughts, feelings and actions. The world itself is but a thought by God.

That is what makes the Law of Attraction so powerful but given the point made above it cannot work alone. Manifesting the life of your dreams may have one main lock, which is to see it first, imagine it, dream, have the vision etc…but once open; it’s like a Matryoshka, Russian nesting doll. There are other boxes with locks inside. This series is a discussion of the keys to those locks:

Everything is thought - the world is born there

Think of thought, the dream you have, your vision or the desire you have as the “Seed” for what you wish to attract. Once planted the seed needs a bit of attention, water and sun, but the start is the seed.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become
it.” - William Arthur Ward

You do have to have vision and you need to “Trust It” (more on that later in the series). Many books including the bible make reference to man creating the life of his dreams.

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Luke 11:19 King James

To take this one step further science has now proven everything is energy. In Eastern culture this is known as Qi (chi) or “Life Force”. Even something that appears to be matter or solid is an energy field made up of atoms which are vibrating at a particular frequency. Therefore, thought is energy and is no more or no less physical, than the chair you are sitting in right now!

Here is a great video narrated by Deepak Chopra to help illustrate this point:

Think about how powerful this realization is! You really do create your life, not only by the decisions you make (or fail to make) but also from your thoughts.

Here is another way to think about thoughts and energy. Have you ever been around someone who was very angry, just yelling & screaming, pissed off and in a really bad mood? How did you feel around that person? Did you feel calm and joyful? How about when you were with someone who was hurt, sad and depressed? When you were in their presence did you feel excited? Did you feel uplifted and positive? Now think about how feel around people that are laughing and having fun. They may be smiling and talking positively about something good that happened in their life or something they are passionate about? Of these people who are YOU most likely going to want to spend time with? Exactly! And yet many people who are often negative or frequently dissatisfied and in bad moods wonder why no one wants to be around them. Huh, go figure.

The Universe is the same way! The energy you send out into the universe will just attract more of the same back to you. Each thought is a thing with it's own energy which, will draw to it more of the same corresponding energy.

It becomes very important than to train the mind. T. Harv Eker, best selling author of "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" teaches that there is something that comes before thought. Ever notice that your thoughts appear instantly without effort. You never think to think it just happens. But everyone’s mind works or thinks differently; why? The simple yet dramatic answer to that is, “Conditioning”. Your life experiences, what you hear, see and are taught craft the thoughts that appear in your mind. School, our parents, media and friends have all had an affect on our conditioning and the way we think.

So if you want different thoughts …get different experiences. Recondition

Just a few short years ago the thoughts that would appear in my head day to day minute to minute were very different than today and what appears now. I have a different way of thinking. The things I know now to be possible are limitless. The way I feel about fear and obstacles, that they are "Gifts" (see previous post The Power of You) rather than curses; all that changed because I reconditioned my mind through workshops, books and the people I surround myself with which influence me.

All physical reality starts with thought. Thought is physical, thought is energy. Our conditioning and experiences determine our thoughts. With that summary in mind here are a couple things you can do to improve your thoughts and plant better seeds to Create the life, you now only Wish to manifest.

Give yourself time and permission to dream - Be a kid again; pure, without judgments or limitation. Draw, color and paint while listening to classical (music known to be mind expanding in nature) Do you have something you have always found interesting but dismissed and never explored it? Maybe your intuition is guiding you. No matter how silly it may seem. Maybe you dream of being an Origami master. Let your mind enjoy. Day dream but don’t let the good thoughts get away write them down. Wow, I wish there were some way to yell that so you’d understood the importance and power of it! (video blog on the way, where I will be able to yell but until then) WRITE THEM DOWN!! If you’re not some one who writes you can now only image the power putting your thoughts on paper has and the importance it has to manifesting what you desire. Just trust me.

Create a vision board – yup, you heard this a Gazillion times, so… have you done it? Do you look at it? When was the last you updated it etc… personally I have two but now I have graduated to automation where I have words and images that stream, set to music so I don’t just see the vision… I experience it! Make a list of whatever you desire all the way down to the way you want to feel on a regular basis, don't just make it about material possessions. Mine even has pictures of people I plan to associate and work with. Check out Vision from the link above. (not now, after you finish reading thank you) One more tip, share it with no one. When you run around showing people and talking about it all the time you waste energy. My experience is those that talk about what they're gonna, do or get, spend too much time talking and not enough time doing. Plus you open the door for people to spoil your excitement with their so called "realism". Will Smith said it best "being realistic is the best road to a life of mediocrity; why would anyone want to be realistic." If you do share it make it a close friend or love one who will encourage you and rejoice with you when you succeed.

See what else is out there – go Explore...the world, books, workshops, videos and magazines that uplift you. Look for things that empower you, that expand the way you think or shift your perspective. This site has a bunch of stuff to help you with that. Suggestions on books, magazines, workshops, coaches and websites.

Get better friends – I’m not saying your current friends are losers. I’m just saying seek out people living the life you desire. Model them. Go where they go, read what they read. It is said you will earn between 10% to 20% the income of the people you spend the most time with.

Meditation - as of the past year this has become my favorite way to both create my life and enjoy the life I create. There is nothing more powerful than turning everything off, lighting a candle and just sitting. The images you see and the clarity you get is quite literally, a gift.

That completes part one ... or does it? Feel free share Your thoughts. What did I miss? How might this help you or others? Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed part one and will join us again over the next five weeks.

Next week - Intention & Attention

Peace & Prosperity
Dallas M Cyr

Monday, December 7, 2009

You Are Royalty

Recently I was driving home after a nice, long, but fulfilling work week and I decided to stop at Starbucks to get a latte. Actually, I ordered a Grand`e, soy, double pump, sugar-free vanilla, triple-shot latte (to be specific)...I'm one of those people. Anyway I usually get my beverage and leave but that night I chose to stay and unwind before hitting the road. While I was there I picked up a book and started flipping through the pages. The book was called "ONE" and the theme(s) of the book is: you have the power to create a great life, live your life to the fullest and that - "one person can make a difference."

While perusing the pages and enjoying my cup-o-joy I came upon a wonderful and moving short story. Mind you, I had spent the last week working on an all new blog post, my next two blog posts in fact (I like to multi-task), but this story struck me to such a degree that I was deeply compelled to share it. I found this message simple yet powerful and the delivery of the story endearing. So here it is; I hope this touches you as it did me.
Just one last thought before you read on, it's amazing all the things we take for granted...

"Seattle is a beautiful place, but in the 1980s I was living in a beat-up beach cabin. I had an old TV, a lumpy futon, and one of those white plastic Princess Phones. I was basically broke, but my noisy old refrigerator was stuffed with fresh vegetables, eggs, fruit, beer and frozen pizza...and I had a spectacular view of Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and the Seattle skyline.

That year, I volunteered to host a college exchange student from Guinea-Bissau, Africa. When I picked him up at the airport, Salvatore was easy to spot. He was 23 tall and regal-looking, with a huge smile and lustrous blue-black skin. He had lived his entire life as a barefoot fisherman in a small native village located on a big river deep in the jungle of Guinea-Bissau...and now his village had raised the money to send him to study U.S. Fisheries on their behalf. He had travelled directly from his African village to Seattle, and I could see he was astonished at what he saw as we drove through the beautiful city.

When we arrived at my raggedy cabin, I worried that Salvatore might be disappointed with his new accommodations. He seemed somber as I showed him the little bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, TV and telephone. What was Salvatore thinking? I decided to take him out on the little deck to try to impress him with the view. The snow-clad mountains were spread out against the sky that day, and one of Seattle's majestic white ferries was gliding across the sparkling waters of Puget Sound. We stood there silently for awhile, and then Salvatore turned to me with his brow deeply knit in thought.

"You are a king?" he asked. "No," I laughed "I'm just an everyday person like you." Salvatore was silent for a moment , and then he turned again and said quite clearly and emphatically, "You are a King." And it suddenly dawned on me that he was right. All these years I had been a king and not known it."

Story by Scott Sabol, Ph.D.

During this Holiday season, as in many Holiday seasons past we may find ourselves getting caught up in the "stuff" we want. Our focus may be on the gifts we plan to buy others or the gifts we hope to get. But I warn, be careful, because while we are focused on what we don't have or wish we could have, we are not appreciating what we "do" have.

For me the story above is the ultimate example of gratitude. The key is a shift in "perspective". In the two minutes it took me to read this short story I went from a feeling of lack to the thought that I am as I was created to be... Royalty, and I have all I need and want. Even though we/I may, lose focus from time to time I am a believer that everything we want or desire in life is already ours and if we live as though our desires are already a reality, they shall be; this is the art of manifestation.

So if you or someone you know is struggling, wishing they had or could buy others more stuff this season share with them this story and remind them "They Are Royalty."

A few more thoughts and a final excerpt from ONE:
  • If you have food in your refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to are richer than 75% of the world's population.
  • If you have a little money in the bank or spare change in a dish are among the top 8% of the worlds wealthy.
  • If you can drink from your kitchen faucet whenever you are more fortunate by far than 1.5 billion people we have no access to clean water at all.
  • If you can attend a church or a political rally without fear of harassment, arrest, torture or have the kind of freedom denied to more than three billion people in the world.
  • If you can read this message, you are more blessed than two billion people who cannot read at all.
  • If your everyday problems are weighing you down, there are millions of people on Earth who would gladly trade places with you right now, problems and all - and feel they have been royally blessed.
Remember: "From those to whom much is given much is expected."

ONE is on sale now at Starbucks and is filled with great anecdotes, ideas, quotes and suggestions to help you live and appreciate life more. It's a great gift for under $10 to share with someone special.

Also the publisher Compendium, Incorporated have many more books like this, many are themed by occasion; Birthday, Wedding or specific for Son, Daughter, family or friends. Check them out here:

I hope you'll share this post with someone you know.

Peace & Prosperity,

Dallas M Cyr

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Power of Investing (In YOU)

After Spring comes? And after Fall comes? It has been that way for thousands of years that will never change. Ladies and Gentlemen it is a waste of time to argue with reality! To try and stop Winter from following Fall is hopeless so it becomes important instead to prepare for and learn to appreciate the Winter.

Now here is why I bring that up, what is true for all of us is “nothing will change in our lives unless we change.” We know God determines the seasons, Jim Rohn jokes "that when you get your own planet you can do things differently", but until then it’s out of your control. Just as the planet experiences seasons, times of death, renewal and times of growth or challenge, in your life there are also seasons. By seasons I am referring to challenges and opportunities. You cannot have a successful crop or business (or life) with out experiencing all the seasons. Success is not a matter of avoiding obstacles but learning to appreciate and prepare for them.

After opportunity comes challenge. If you have business growth you have to then prepare for and handle, the needs of your new clients. You have to deliver the value you promised. You will have clients that will be unsatisfied, employees will make errors and other businesses you rely on may make mistakes, lose your order, raise prices etc...

People often pray to hit the lottery. If you are so fortunate to hit the lottery for millions of dollars you have to then grow to become a better money manage so you don’t squander that windfall. You will have the challenge of where and with whom to invest, what to save or spend, family and friends that all of sudden need money (long lost uncles and cousins you never knew you had will need loans). Peoples perceptions may change of you, your ego my need to be checked and so on. We have all heard the stories of people who have hit the lottery and shortly after their life is falling apart and they are more unhappy then ever. Money simply meets us where we're at; money does not change us it merely magnifies who we already are.

So regardless of the event we need to learn to embrace the challenge and grow from it. In our lives winters will come, we are not bears; we are not built to hibernate. If you learn to accept and prepare for the difficulties in life you’ll experience a lot less of them and the challenges you do face you will be better conditioned to deal with.

Personally I take that one step further; I believe "our obstacles are our greatest gifts!" Jim Rohn says no Garden grows successfully that isn’t invaded by bugs and weeds. You can’t avoid difficulties and obstacles but you don’t need to; “you don’t need your challenges to be smaller, you need to be bigger!” In my life when I have struggled or come upon hardship I felt an intuitive sense within that nudged me to invest in my personal development. T Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Jack Campfield have all done the same. These amazing leaders went out and sought mentors, hired coaches, read books and went to trainings that helped them become stronger, wiser, faster, more compassionate and more GRATEFUL. When I modeled this action I noticed my mountains became anthills. I grew bigger than the obstacles that once held me back.

Now with that said, even though the above makes sense to most people I speak with, few truly recognize the power of investing in personal development and even fewer actually do it.

This surprises me because if you don't know how to speak French than communicating in a language you don't know is a mountain, it's a big obstacle, so you would naturally (in this example) buy Rosetta stone or go to a class and learn French. Now what was once a challenge becomes easy because you are prepared; in fact your challenge has become a gift because you now know a new language. Everything in life is this way.


We have to make a conscious effort to change. Most people don't change consciously, they just HOPE things will get better. Your life will not improve merely by hope alone. Simply wishing it were so, your life will not need a plan. What's your plan?

The method I used in the past to learn and grow (or barely get by) was to deny how bad things were, fail or get hurt over and over until I learned from that mistake and finally created the necessary change to avoid the pain I kept experiencing. I discovered long ago this is not the most efficient way to grow. So what's the alternative? The alternative would be to invest in your personal development with purpose.

In order for this method of growth to be effective we must first accept responsibility for everything in our life. Everything! Because even if we didn't cause a particular situation and even if we can't control another persons actions we still have control over the most important thing, Ourselves. And when we behave as though another person or event is the reason for our failure or unhappiness we give up our control and lose our personal power, our inner strength. It is never the event that is the problem, it's how we handle it! Here is where I refer you to the Serenity Prayer.

"God Grant Me The serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, the Courage to Change the Things I can and the Wisdom to Know the Difference."

Number two, be grateful for everything good in your life. Even if this seems impossible at the time. You can always find one thing, more often many things, to be grateful for if you try, no matter how small! This will bring you back to the present moment
rather than focused on the future and what "could be" or the past and what
"should have been", focus on the NOW and what is.
When you do this you will notice a shift in your attitude!

Third consciously seek ways to gain the skills and knowledge you lack. In my experience this does two really important things; we gain the tools we need to deal with life's Winters and we experience a shift in perception. It has been said when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. Mountains look like anthills. What you learn can lead to a change in a limiting and dis-empowering belief you now hold and the elimination of that belief can be the catalyst for powerful growth and personal success.

Simply put, "Nothing changes until we do." So how do we change? How do we create real lasting change?

It’s amazing, last year I invested in the market like many of you did, In fact it’s kind of what I do for a living, helping my clients invest, grow and protect their assets. But last year some of my investments were down quite a bit and I started asking myself what investment have I made or can I make that will never experience a down market? I thought about real-estate, Muni bonds, hedge funds etc... Finally It dawned on me, the one investment that always went up no matter what the market did was an investment made in myself.

Every time I have ever invested time, money and energy into my personal development the ROI(Return On Investment) has been phenomenal!

Some people thought I was crazy years ago and many still don't get it, spending thousands on workshops and seminars. Most people claim they don't have the time or the money but they can find $2,000 or $3,000 and 5 days for a vacation. In fact I spent one years vacation money on a personal development workshop and because of the things I learned there I have had double the opportunities and business growth I would have which, created three times as much money as I had before, that I can now spend how and wherever I want! People won't hesitate to spend 4 years and $50,000. on a university education but they will scoff at the idea of spending $4,000. 3 days on a powerful and potentially life changing workshop. Knowing what I know now I would have spent a lot more on workshops and education like that and less on my degree. I'm still paying student loans for a degree I don't I use.

In my life I have made and continue to make tremendous investments in myself such as reading and STUDYING self-help books, educational audio Cd's that I listen to in the car, workshops and seminars, I've worked with mentors and life coaches and more.

Why? Why do I stress the importance of personal development and the benefits of investing in yourself? Because it works! For me it is the best solution to any problem. It is the perfect road to a more empowered and fulfilling life. I've invested in my Spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth and the results have been astounding.

Let me share with you something not every one knows about me. I don't share this for sympathy but it may help explain my passion for the concept of investing in yourself as well as my desire to help others. I grew up in a poor inner city neighborhood. When I was young my family and I were on welfare for a brief time. As a child I remember a few holidays the church delivered bags of food. My Dad had trouble maintaing a job and left when I was 11 years old. Neither of my parents or grandparents went to college. As a teenager and even in my twenties, communication and quality relationships were a struggle. I smoked cigarettes, partied too much, ate poorly and didn’t work out. For years I had so much chaos in my life and at one point, not all that long ago, I was on the verge of Bankruptcy being harassed by collection calls, not knowing how I would survive!

Today I have learned to be more grateful, loving, open and present and have an abundance of deep meaningful relationships with people. I eat well, feel well and work out daily and recently completed my first half marathon. Now in my life I have meditation and the chaos has evaporated. I went from being in major debt not able to pay my bills to eliminating over $30,000. of debt in 18 months, better managing my money, paying bills with ease and having a lot more money and opportunity then ever before! I gained all the skills, connections and education to turn my life around by purposeful investment in myself!

The two major things I did to turn my life around was to invest in myself & seek solutions which took my mind off my problems rather bury my head or avoid dealing with my issues. The next thing I did was take the focus off of me, my needs, what I needed & wanted and I looked for ways to help others.(shifting from thoughts and feelings of lack and desperation, to thoughts of service and feelings of abundance)

If I can make this shift in my life anyone can. So here are tips for investing in You. I always like to give practical advice that you can actually incorporate in your life.

1. It is greater to spend 30 mins studying than 2 hours reading! Don’t just read personal development books and magazines or just listen to CD’s STUDY them. We retain much more with focused study. Highlight, take notes, read certain phrases and sentences out loud, categorize your notes and share with someone what you learned. This will help you absorb the material on a conscious and subconscious level to create real and lasting change.

2. Go to educational and motivational personal developement workshops spend the money it's worth it! I took vacation money, went to a workshop and because I spent the $3,000 I now have three times as much money as I would have had with more coming in everyday in ways I would never have expected. Now I can take any vacation I want.

3. Get a coach or mentor – Model successful people. I have had Mentors and coaches all my life. This is the best way to grow in any area of your life! Find someone, interview them, ask around for a referral. Make sure you're comfortable with that person and that they have a large amount success in the area you desire to grow in. This is the best way to realize your true potential.

Invest in You!

Peace & Prosperity,
Dallas M Cyr

Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Each One Teach One"

I used to teach a "Raising Financially Responsible Children" Seminar and people really enjoyed and I enjoyed doing it.

I am of the opinion all youth should be taught in school basic principles of fiscal responsibility. It is taken for granted that because some one can earn a check they can manage that check but it's 2 different sets of skills.

As adults if we we're not taught how to build wealth, manage money and have fiscal success we need to go out and learn about money, and then pass that education to our children. This process is one of the main reasons why the rich get richer.

Donald Trump is merely a product of a home that had a real-estate tycoon in it (his Dad). But many do not have such examples in our homes and in our lives so we must seek them out. It is said people will earn an income with in 20% of the people they associate most with.

Two books that can have a profound effect on your beliefs and skill with money are "Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind" ~by T. Harv Eker is a great start along with "The Richest Man in Babylon" ~ by George S Clason ! These two books give a strong foundation that a person can build on. After you have Acquired the knowledge, "Each one Teach one" - pass it on!

And remember this one last thought, there is nothing you know, language, walking, driving a car, etc... that you were not first taught how to do before you did it. In addition when first doing anything you were not immediately a master. As T. Harv Eker says..."Every Master was once a disaster." The same goes for money do not let your ego get in the way or feel embarrassed in any way that you are learning about finances, money management and building wealth and do not fear making mistakes, you will and it's ok.

Finally the state of the current economy is simply a reflection of it's individual parts, that's Us. So...

To get involved, share your ideas and learn from others, check this out:

"The three day Youth Summit, entitled Democracy 2.0: Exploring the Millennial Generation's ROI, standing for "return on investment," will focus on (1) exploring the barriers preventing today's younger generation from achieving financial health and (2) developing the action plans necessary to begin setting an agenda for millennial-led economic reform in the United States."

And this is a free Citizens guide available to print and for download in regards to the current economy and fiscal state of affairs.

Thank you and remember to leave your comments and share your thoughts and ideas!

Dallas M Cyr

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Timing Is Everything!"

Hello , Welcome or welcome back. If you have read this blog before you know that I do my best to offer true value through sound and tested advice with motivational energy behind it. Today I have a question for you. Would you like to:

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The only way 2010 will be better than any other year is if you're better, otherwise nothing will change. It’s all up to you…I’m here to help, so call or message me now! Otherwise enjoy where you are because that’s where you’ll be! (unless you do something to change it)

This particular post is intended to give you an outlet for that great educational and motivational information I've been fortunate to share with you. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a great opportunity and I wish share it. This is your chance to partner with me, learn from me and the other Extremely successful entreprenuers and business builders on this team and make a lot of money doing it! I am extremely picky and will only be taking on serious candidates. People with business and/or sales experience are preferred but either way there will be a screening process.

What will I be looking for in that screening process?
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  • Desire to Help Others
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The product is excellent!! The juice is made primarily from the Kona Red Coffee Berry. The health benefits of this berry are amazing. It actually has almost twice as many anti-oxidants in it as the Acai berry (the berry found in Mona Vie). Click the link below to read more about this newly discovered berry. (note: always right click on the links and open in separate tab or page)

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REMEMBER: "Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right." –Henry Ford

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Dallas M Cyr

"We Can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~Mother Theresa

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Better You

It’s important to know that the work we do is valuable to others and valued by others. When what we do feels important, it becomes important and that contributes to our sense of purpose, giving us the passion and a desire to work at our full potential.

I am a HUGE believer in personal development! I believe the bigger you are, the better you are, the stronger YOU are (inside -mentally, spiritually and emotionally), the smaller your problems become.

“What is your job” / “what is it you do here”?

I am of the humble opinion you/we are here on this earth to “Serve” others! The more we do this, the better we do this in our lives with an open heart the more good we receive. One simple note being a servant does not mean being a doormat. I mean to be of service to others in your life and career by doing good work, being kind and helpful etc… But you knew that. (just a reminder:)

The best part about being of service to others is when we are focused on our problems they’re Magnified – but when we look to serve others our problems disappear. This can be your escape. Beyond that, it has been my experience the most happy, successful and satisfied people in the world are not those that are focused on themselves and their own issues but rather the joy of helping others.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” ~ John F. Kennedy

“Perhaps the greatest social service that can be rendered by anybody to this country and to mankind is to bring up a family.”~ George Bernard Shaw

“Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Great Core Values

Be a positive Role model

Whether you are a parent, sibling, friend or coworker you can be a positive influence to anyone and everyone. You have the ability to be a role model everyday to someone in your life. The best way to be a positive role model is simple make good choices. That’s it; if you make good choices you’ll lead by example.

The second part to that is even if you mess up, admit it and then keep doing your best. We are all human and no one expects you to be perfect. In fact when you admit an error and do your best to correct it that is another opportunity to be a role model. You can teach people to learn from their mistakes, to get back on track and to be open and honest.

For me the best way to learn what I don’t know, to accomplish some thing I never have and to be more than I ever thought I could be is to find a mentor.

I can say honestly I am, who I am today, thanks to people who have guided me. I have been very fortunate in life to recognize when some one cared and was willing to help me; then gravitated towards that person and was able to learn from them; like a flower soaking up the rain.

In addition to this, when I had no mentor in my life for something I wanted to learn or become I sought them out in books, audio cd’s, websites and seminars. Here is a list of just “Some” of the people I study, admire and model my life after:

Dr Wayne Dyer, Oprah, Jay – Z, P Diddy or Sean Combs, Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Alex Mandosian, Jim Rohn, My Mom and Grandmother (who just turned 88 and still volunteers at a Catholic grade school in California), Donald Trump, Steve Jobs and Tiger Woods.

I promise if you study, read about, learn from and model just one of these people you’ll have a more fulfilling, amazing life beyond your expectations no matter what that means to you. Every role model had a role model. And to be a role model can be one of the most rewarding things you do and you don’t have to be rich or famous just make good choices and be “You”.

Creating the highest quality program

In my opinion and personal experience, on going professional development and being a life long learner is the best way or really the only way to create the highest quality “You”. If everyone had this mindset and focus at least to some degree, then creating a high quality program would be effortless.

You can’t give what you don’t have. This is true with Love, knowledge, energy, time, money etc… So the more you are, the more you have to give the more you bring to every relationship and that includes at home, at work and … with yourself!

It all starts with us. Anything we are involved in is merely the sum of its parts. The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Another reality is that any group, job or relationship is just a mirror of the individuals. For example America is in Debt because collectively its citizens are in debt. This holds true anywhere so if we work on being the highest quality people it will automatically be reflected in our relationships and work.

"There is no labor a person does that is undignified; if they do it right."~ Bill Cosby

"It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity."~ Mahatma Gandhi

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."~ William A. Foster

Perform as a strong team

As people we need each other, I think now more than ever. In the North East part of the world we tend to be a lil’ more closed off, cold like the weather. But we should never forget we are all connected and we need one another.

In your life you are part of many teams. Family team, work team, school team, maybe a sports team and even a neighborhood team. How well do you play on the teams your involved in? Where can you be a stronger link or play a bigger role? Don’t be afraid to be more open or to try harder.

A college professor once asked a class, “to have a successful relationship what percentage of effort does each party need to contribute?” One student feeling smart yelled out “50/50” immediately the professor shot over a look of dissatisfaction, a few seconds later another brave student said “51/49 because you have to be willing to give more” and finally someone guessed 80/20 why I have no idea. The professor walked over to the board and wrote 100% - 0! He said…“You have to be willing to put in 100% effort with zero expectation in return, because you can’t expect to receive the best from someone, if you don’t give your best to someone. And although we can never control what someone else does or does not do, we CAN ALWAYS control what we do…or do not do!”

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.” ~Henry Ford

”The strength of the team is each individual member...the strength of each member is the team.” ~ Coach Phil Jackson Chicago Bulls, LA Lakers

Meaningful connections

Finally the best for last! To me this goes hand in hand with service to others is making meaningful connections; it’s why we are here on this planet! The definition of a meaningful connection I have said is:

“A connection has been a meaningful one when, all parties involved feel satisfied and have received sufficient value for their time, money or energy contributed.”

I Really liked some answers I've heard before even better like creating trust or giving and receiving respect.

The fact of the matter is in order to have a meaningful connection you have to be: 1. Present and in the moment. This means you are focused on what and who is in front of you at that time, not stressing the past or thinking about what you’re going to have for lunch; you are focused and concentrated on who you interacting with. 2. You genuinely care about whether or not the person(s) is satisfied or fulfilled with the interaction.

To often we talk just to get out words rather than to really communicate. It’s lazy or we think we’re just being polite and really that is “impolite”. In addition, people often have the bad habit of waiting to speak rather than actually listening. We are so concerned in saying what we want to say and we never really hear other people and if we are doing that to them…they are probably doing that to us.

I cannot stress the beauty in really caring for others, really listening and having engaging, deep meaningful connections with people. Not just saying, “how are you” while racing past someone to get to your next destination. This will mean slowing down more often and I know in today's fast pace world this can be a tough task but it’s worth it. Practicing this can change lives; yours and all those you come in contact with.

“I am a part of all that I have met”~ Alfred Tennyson

“Each contact with a human being is so rare, so precious, one should preserve it”~ Anais Nin

“We cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening our own”~ Ben Sweetland


So all if this may sound great but here are some tools that have helped many others and myself be able to deal with stress and actually implement the above core values with a little more ease.

1. Handle conflict, its not you (deal with the problem not people) – Keep in mind whenever you are in or dealing with a conflict it’s not about you. You or the other party are just upset over an event or situation and if you step back and say "how can we come to a resolution that is satisfactory to us both", rather than attacking each other it will be easier to successfully deal with the issue at hand.

2. Release tension exercise – part 1. Close your eyes, sit comfortably in a chair and picture an event or person that is currently or has recently upset you or caused you stress. Get the image firm in your mind and think about how they or the situation, really hurt you. After you have this focus clear in your mind for 30 secs or so, squeeze your shoulders up tightly raising them to your ears creating tension and hold...SQUEEZE! Then let go. Part 2. Now keeping your eyes closed, body upright, feet on the floor hands on lap, in a comfortable position, take a minute to notice any left over tension and breath deep while relaxing that part of your body until you are almost limp and totally relaxed. I want you to bring up that person or event again. This time though, imagine either the person quite and smiling or if it’s an event picture yourself now outside in the sun on a perfect day. Now I want you to image the perfect outcome in place of what happened or what you fear happens. I mean perfect!! You hit the lottery, the person apologized sincerely AND bought you a gift, whatever it is, it’s exactly the perfect resolution. Finally while holding this image and most importantly “feeling the good feeling” associated with the great outcome I want you to smile and take 3 long, deep, relaxing breaths then end the last breath exhaling the word PEACE! Open your eyes. If need be repeat part 2 several times till you feel peaceful and relaxed and the perfect outcome seems real.

3. Remember the bigger pictureWrite your goals down and refocus your mind. Concentrate on the love, the mission, the goal. Rather than stress one temporary issue that may seem big at the moment OR worry over some minor detail, stop and remember, often times we when we look back we realize what appeared to be a "Mountain" was really just a mole hill. So pause...breath...and "focus on the bigger thing & what makes your heart sing." It’s too easy to stress little stuff and lose sight of what’s really important.

4. Rely on each otherDon’t be scared to open up. Ask for help. If you want to serve, sometimes the best way to serve is to ask for help and give someone else the opportunity, the “Gift” of serving and helping You; it’s a win-win. Remember being a team means you rely on each other. This will make for more meaningful connections and the best role models know when to ask for help and ask often.

5. Create a success and gratitude journal – It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people who want more in their life but aren’t grateful for what they have now. God, the universe, an employer, will never give you more if you don’t appreciate what you have already been given; no matter how much or how little that is. Also, it is so much easier to bring more good in your life when you are happy and grateful so every morning write in a journal, first thing at breakfast time, 3 things (people, situations, things etc…) that you are grateful and then close your eyes, put on a smile and FEEL grateful! Really take a minute and say “Ahhh…Thank You.” The next part to this is building on your small successes to create bigger ones. The more you appreciate and reccognize your small successes the more confidence you will build, giving you the strength to try more things, take bigger risks and accomplish bigger successes. There is no big success without small success. For example Oprah Whinfrey did not wake up a billionaire. She first went to school, worked hard, made mistakes and learned from them, become committed to a career, practiced her butt off, had a small radio show, which became a big radio show, which became a small talk show to an empire. And all that started with her getting up and getting to work on time. So appreciating the little and BIG successes daily by writing 3 successes you had that day from, eating a good healthy breakfast, getting your kid (or husband) to do something you ask without a fight…to getting a raise or positive acknowledgement at work. Keep this journal, writing 3 things to be grateful for and 3 successes everyday for 90 days! It will change your life for the better guaranteed.

I hope you find these ideas of value and I wish for you...

Peace & Prosperity,

Dallas M Cyr

Thursday, June 11, 2009

This is "Virtually" the best way to accomplish more!

I have found the most successful and Happy people in life are those that are focused on adding value to the lives of others. That is why I have dedicated my life and this blog to doing just that. That is also why I am so excited to share this post with you.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Bochet, virtual assistant and Owner of Thrive Assistants, LLC.

I learned so much from speaking with Melissa. If you are a sales professional in any field, an entrepreneur or soloprenuer or a small business owner who has too much to do a Virtual Assistant may be a viable answer to that hectic schedule which, is keeping you from growing your business, selling more or doing MORE of the thinigs you enjoy and are good at and LESS of the "Other Stuff".

Me: Melissa good morning and thanks for giving me some of your time, I know you're very busy, so let's jump right into it. "Virtual” is such a popular buzz word in today’s online focused society and lately I’ve heard a lot about “virtual assistants”. As the business owner of a virtual assistance company, can you better define that term?

Melissa: Sure. Virtual Assistants provide a large variety of administrative support for small businesses owners and professionals, not unlike a secretary or administrative assistant you would find at any office Except:
· VA’s work from home
· Typically each VA works with more than one client
· Typically a VA is highly skilled and qualified in her field
· VA’s work as an independent contractors

Me: How is the VA model a better value or solution to business professionals vs. just hiring an administrative assistant?

Melissa: This model is a huge benefit to many small business owners, and business professionals because you can get high value at a low cost! Here are just a few of the top reasons why:

1. You pay only for the time you need. Let’s face it, most struggling professionals need help but can’t afford someone part time, let alone full time. You can hire a virtual assistant for 5 hours one week, 15 hours the next and not at all week after that. Some VA will ask for a bank of hours per month, but you can shop around and find one that works for you.
2. You can utilize VA services for a one-time project or hire for long-term, ongoing projects
3. You don't have to pay any employee taxes or benefits.
4. VA’s are typically high end assistants much more qualified than a low salary worker. They may perform tasks such as website design, SEO tasks, newsletters, brochure creation and research in addition to typical tasks such as data entry, typing and mailings.

Me: There are lots of Virtual Assistants to choose from. How do I know what VA to choose? How do I know his or her level of qualifications? Is there an industry standard?

Melissa: Good question. There are a variety of certifications from various sources but currently there is no standard in the industry. I would suggest you pick a VA who will best work with your personality and your industry. Today, many VA’s have picked a niche where they excel. For instance, some specialize in real estate, publishing, legal transcription, bookkeeping services and more. So picking a VA in your field makes good sense. Here are some steps to take when searching for the right VA:
1. Pick a VA with a niche in your field or VA who has talents in areas you need support in.
2. Interview them. Much like a job interview, checks their references, talk to their clients. 3.
Remember there is no reason why you have to make a long term commitment so you can test the waters. If the VA is willing to do a couple projects for you, you may be able to determine if you want to continue working with them or find someone new.

Me: Melissa, your niche with Thrive Assistant Services is Sales and Marketing. Why did you choose this area and how is this a benefit for your clients?

Melissa: I was in sales for many years before starting my own business. I remember prospecting taking up so much time when I just wanted to have appointments and “sell”. Cold Calling was brutal and organizing my time was always a struggle. I knew that prospecting and following up was a HUGE part of succeeding in sales, but time didn’t seem to be on my side. I want to reduce or eliminate this struggle for sales people. Very few virtual assistance companies do this. There has been such a need, that my business has certainly grown.

Me: Not only is the "Virtual Assistant" concept still faily new and unique for most but amongst your peers in the indusrty Thrive Assistants" is unique. What is YOUR marketing plan and how are you keeping up and evolving with the market?

Melissa: When I started out, I thought I could do everything for anyone. What I found was that I did an adequate job, but not the great job I could be doing if I focused my efforts. Still, I’ve grown to 3 employees and have been, in my opinion, moderately successful. Recently I have done a lot of research and moving forward, I plan to specialize working in an area I’ve found I’ve had the most success - the financial B2B sector. This would include working with clients such as CPA’s, Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents and Business Brokers. By focusing on the needs of these individuals in this field and on what their clients want, I believe I can really provide extraordinary results.

Me: Melissa thank you so much for your time today. Icertainly have a clearer picture of what you do and have convinced me of the many benefits of what you do! In closing I would like to ask you one last question. If you could summarize for the readers, How do the services you offer as a vritual assistant and leader in the virtual assistant industry add value to peoples lives?

Melissa: When a person can spend more time doing the things they enjoy and focus more energy on the things that make them money they usually live happier and less stressful lives. What I do and all virtual assistants do is give the gift of time. We also give people and business owners a more flexible and affordable option to thier administraion needs.

Me: Melissa it has been a pleasure speaking with you and I thank you for your time.

To learn more about Melissa and Virtual Assistants Please visit

Peace & Prosperity

Dallas M Cyr

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best Life Magazine Not a Businessman--a Business, Man

Best Life Magazine Not a Businessman--a Business, Man

All I can say is "Wow"! Jay-Z has lived quite a life a this article is a must read in my humble opinion!