Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Timing Is Everything!"

Hello , Welcome or welcome back. If you have read this blog before you know that I do my best to offer true value through sound and tested advice with motivational energy behind it. Today I have a question for you. Would you like to:

Live Happier, Healthier and Wealthier in 2010?

Ever dreamt of having a business? Are you looking for more income, more freedom, a career change, Any Change Period? I would love to chat with you! I may have the opportunity plus support & training you are looking for!!

The only way 2010 will be better than any other year is if you're better, otherwise nothing will change. It’s all up to you…I’m here to help, so call or message me now! Otherwise enjoy where you are because that’s where you’ll be! (unless you do something to change it)

This particular post is intended to give you an outlet for that great educational and motivational information I've been fortunate to share with you. I have been fortunate enough to be a part of a great opportunity and I wish share it. This is your chance to partner with me, learn from me and the other Extremely successful entreprenuers and business builders on this team and make a lot of money doing it! I am extremely picky and will only be taking on serious candidates. People with business and/or sales experience are preferred but either way there will be a screening process.

What will I be looking for in that screening process?
  • Strong Mindframe & Positive attitude

  • Willingness to Learn and Grow

  • Desire for Something Better in Life

  • Desire to Help Others
If you're the right fit, I would love to have you on our team. This is a chance to make lots of money if you put in the effort!

You will get tons of support and have lots of flexibility, work from home and make a few bucks part time or do it full time and make six figures, I don't care as long as you're happy!!

Without Further Delay...Let me be the first to introduce you to "XOWii."

Why This? Why Now?

1. Brand new- this is as ground floor as possible it just launched on Oct 4th so you have the "Wow what is this" factor! In ONE MONTH this company is now tied for the fastest growing MLM in the industry!

2. Kona Red Coffee berry- highest antioxidant content of any other fruit found so far, very healthy and XOWII has Exclusive Rights use it for the next 3 years! I have researched thoroughly every ingredient and this is an extremely healthy product. The antioxidant power is unparalleled! Its the highest of any other product on the market today! XOWII It has a an ORAC score of 5,735 in every can as proven by third party highly respected laboratory Brunswick Labs and it taste great! I genuinely love the product and you will too!

3. Big industry- the health industry, energy drink industry and wieghtloss industry are all multi-billion dollar industries and growing! All captured in the first 3 products being launched!

4. An amazing upline - You will work with hugely successful people who have done this before and they have direct contact with the owners of the company! You will work directly with me, Dana Cullum and Shane Jeremy James. You will have access to tons of free support and training. Information, ideas and tools that usually would cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars all free to help you build your business! When you succeed we succeed!

5. Best compensation plan - Our slogan is "made for distributors by distributors" so its easy to make money early allowing you the ability to grow at whatever speed you want and not have to worry about spending lots of time and money before seeing results! With little effort you can make money and it is really possible to make A LOT of money!

6. Inexpensive to start - This company has one of the lowest start up costs possible so even if you don't make money right out the gate you can afford to keep getting product and stay in the game until you get it right!

Check out these links. The more I learn about this brand new Direct Marketing Company the more excited I get about the opportunity. Not only is this a chance for you to work with Shane Jeremy James, one of the most successful motivational speakers in Canada, an extremely successful businessman, our team lead and the partner of the person I joined with, it is also a chance to have a top position with a brand new company. Not to mention you get to work with me!


The product is excellent!! The juice is made primarily from the Kona Red Coffee Berry. The health benefits of this berry are amazing. It actually has almost twice as many anti-oxidants in it as the Acai berry (the berry found in Mona Vie). Click the link below to read more about this newly discovered berry. (note: always right click on the links and open in separate tab or page)

XOWii has two drinks (with a liquid vitamin on the way for both Adults and Kids). The first one is an energy drink and the second one is a weight loss drink. I am stoked about both. This is the first truly healthy weight loss drink that I have come across and one of the first healthy energy drinks!!! Both are in high demand. Click the link below to read more….

I am super excited that XOWii is an even more affordable monthly cost than other Wellness products and Beverages... And it is easier to make money right away!! Watch this video to see how the compensation plan works.

and here are other videos to watch at your leisure:

Last but certainly not least, Here are the two amazing people I am lucky to have in my upline. Having these two people in our direct upline is one huge benefit that will help to assure our success!

I can also send you other key items upon request.

REMEMBER: "Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right." –Henry Ford

Contact me today to learn more!

I want to help you achieve greater success! Take control of your life and together we can help others to do the same.

I look forward to working with you! Post all interests, question and comments here.

Dallas M Cyr

"We Can do no great things, only small things with great love." ~Mother Theresa