Monday, December 21, 2009

The Secret’s Out, Now What?

The Secret’s Out, Now What?

Six Keys to Manifestation

Part One in a Six part series

I was originally doing this as one post and decided to make it a series. I noticed as I typed it was getting a bit long. For quality sake, I figured I would turn it into a series allowing me to elaborate on each part as necessary. This is part one of a six part series where we will discuss the Art of manifestation over the next six weeks. Join in, add your thoughts and ask your questions.

Over the next six weeks we will discuss:
Week One – Vision
Week Two – Intention & Attention
Week Three – Belief & Feeling
Week Four – Joyous Action
Week Five – Correction & Adjustments
Week Six – Realization & Maintenance

2010 is going to be a great year; at least it will be if you believe it will!

It’s No Longer a Secret

Ladies and Gentleman the proverbial Cat is out of the bag! By now we all know about “The Secret”. It is safe to say The Secret is out. The movie and book burst on the scene and created a buzz like no other, thanks much in part to Oprah. In one brief moment, what seemed like a minute, millions awakened to the power of The Law of Attraction.

Many people started to understand that whatever we can imagine we can create. For some this was reinforcement of an existing belief. To many people The Secret was the beginning of a new way of thinking and living. A lot of people started to live more consciously and spiritually from that moment. Quite a few people were left a little lost feeling the idea was too far-fetched and more magical mystical hoopla than anything concrete that could be used to improve their lives. And many felt and still feel it’s nothing more than just positive thinking. One key thing it helped me do is take more responsibility for my life; good, bad or indifferent.

Well to add to those groups above is the group that believes The Secret and the Law of Attraction was only part of the story and that it gives people the wrong impression that you can just imagine something and ‘POOF” it would appear. Folks in this group believe when you want to manifest something in your life it takes more than vision alone. I am inclined to agree with this group and although I believe the Law of Attraction is real and powerful, I think the following keys, help to complete the story.

Now before I continue, in fairness to the movie and book some basic element, of almost everything I am going to share, was mentioned. My intention is to elaborate and give a bit more detail and clarity to the Law of Attraction and the Art or Manifesting the life of your dreams, on a whole.

Let’s begin.

We know that if an architect draws plans and then puts those schematics or blue prints in a drawer never to be viewed again, “even if” by chance or divine intervention the building he imagined got built it wouldn’t have been by him! But we also know before those plans were drawn they were first a thought; an image in the imagination of the creating architect. I’m here to tell you that is all anything is…”a thought”. You create Your world, everyday by your thoughts, feelings and actions. The world itself is but a thought by God.

That is what makes the Law of Attraction so powerful but given the point made above it cannot work alone. Manifesting the life of your dreams may have one main lock, which is to see it first, imagine it, dream, have the vision etc…but once open; it’s like a Matryoshka, Russian nesting doll. There are other boxes with locks inside. This series is a discussion of the keys to those locks:

Everything is thought - the world is born there

Think of thought, the dream you have, your vision or the desire you have as the “Seed” for what you wish to attract. Once planted the seed needs a bit of attention, water and sun, but the start is the seed.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become
it.” - William Arthur Ward

You do have to have vision and you need to “Trust It” (more on that later in the series). Many books including the bible make reference to man creating the life of his dreams.

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Luke 11:19 King James

To take this one step further science has now proven everything is energy. In Eastern culture this is known as Qi (chi) or “Life Force”. Even something that appears to be matter or solid is an energy field made up of atoms which are vibrating at a particular frequency. Therefore, thought is energy and is no more or no less physical, than the chair you are sitting in right now!

Here is a great video narrated by Deepak Chopra to help illustrate this point:

Think about how powerful this realization is! You really do create your life, not only by the decisions you make (or fail to make) but also from your thoughts.

Here is another way to think about thoughts and energy. Have you ever been around someone who was very angry, just yelling & screaming, pissed off and in a really bad mood? How did you feel around that person? Did you feel calm and joyful? How about when you were with someone who was hurt, sad and depressed? When you were in their presence did you feel excited? Did you feel uplifted and positive? Now think about how feel around people that are laughing and having fun. They may be smiling and talking positively about something good that happened in their life or something they are passionate about? Of these people who are YOU most likely going to want to spend time with? Exactly! And yet many people who are often negative or frequently dissatisfied and in bad moods wonder why no one wants to be around them. Huh, go figure.

The Universe is the same way! The energy you send out into the universe will just attract more of the same back to you. Each thought is a thing with it's own energy which, will draw to it more of the same corresponding energy.

It becomes very important than to train the mind. T. Harv Eker, best selling author of "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" teaches that there is something that comes before thought. Ever notice that your thoughts appear instantly without effort. You never think to think it just happens. But everyone’s mind works or thinks differently; why? The simple yet dramatic answer to that is, “Conditioning”. Your life experiences, what you hear, see and are taught craft the thoughts that appear in your mind. School, our parents, media and friends have all had an affect on our conditioning and the way we think.

So if you want different thoughts …get different experiences. Recondition

Just a few short years ago the thoughts that would appear in my head day to day minute to minute were very different than today and what appears now. I have a different way of thinking. The things I know now to be possible are limitless. The way I feel about fear and obstacles, that they are "Gifts" (see previous post The Power of You) rather than curses; all that changed because I reconditioned my mind through workshops, books and the people I surround myself with which influence me.

All physical reality starts with thought. Thought is physical, thought is energy. Our conditioning and experiences determine our thoughts. With that summary in mind here are a couple things you can do to improve your thoughts and plant better seeds to Create the life, you now only Wish to manifest.

Give yourself time and permission to dream - Be a kid again; pure, without judgments or limitation. Draw, color and paint while listening to classical (music known to be mind expanding in nature) Do you have something you have always found interesting but dismissed and never explored it? Maybe your intuition is guiding you. No matter how silly it may seem. Maybe you dream of being an Origami master. Let your mind enjoy. Day dream but don’t let the good thoughts get away write them down. Wow, I wish there were some way to yell that so you’d understood the importance and power of it! (video blog on the way, where I will be able to yell but until then) WRITE THEM DOWN!! If you’re not some one who writes you can now only image the power putting your thoughts on paper has and the importance it has to manifesting what you desire. Just trust me.

Create a vision board – yup, you heard this a Gazillion times, so… have you done it? Do you look at it? When was the last you updated it etc… personally I have two but now I have graduated to automation where I have words and images that stream, set to music so I don’t just see the vision… I experience it! Make a list of whatever you desire all the way down to the way you want to feel on a regular basis, don't just make it about material possessions. Mine even has pictures of people I plan to associate and work with. Check out Vision from the link above. (not now, after you finish reading thank you) One more tip, share it with no one. When you run around showing people and talking about it all the time you waste energy. My experience is those that talk about what they're gonna, do or get, spend too much time talking and not enough time doing. Plus you open the door for people to spoil your excitement with their so called "realism". Will Smith said it best "being realistic is the best road to a life of mediocrity; why would anyone want to be realistic." If you do share it make it a close friend or love one who will encourage you and rejoice with you when you succeed.

See what else is out there – go Explore...the world, books, workshops, videos and magazines that uplift you. Look for things that empower you, that expand the way you think or shift your perspective. This site has a bunch of stuff to help you with that. Suggestions on books, magazines, workshops, coaches and websites.

Get better friends – I’m not saying your current friends are losers. I’m just saying seek out people living the life you desire. Model them. Go where they go, read what they read. It is said you will earn between 10% to 20% the income of the people you spend the most time with.

Meditation - as of the past year this has become my favorite way to both create my life and enjoy the life I create. There is nothing more powerful than turning everything off, lighting a candle and just sitting. The images you see and the clarity you get is quite literally, a gift.

That completes part one ... or does it? Feel free share Your thoughts. What did I miss? How might this help you or others? Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoyed part one and will join us again over the next five weeks.

Next week - Intention & Attention

Peace & Prosperity
Dallas M Cyr