Monday, March 3, 2008

What lights your fire?

I am of the humble opinion that if everyone in America, or the World for that matter, woke up in the morning absolutely thrilled about what they did for a living, the World would be a much happier place! In this weeks message you will find out why living your hearts desire is so important and examples of people who are living and have lived their passions successfully despite obstacles. I'll also give you the right questions to ask and great resources so you can find out what you were born to do and how to live a life of passion.

It's so Important to live your life doing what you love:

If we all lived lives of purpose, in careers that "lit our fire's", satisfied us and stretched our limits I am convinced life would be better in many ways. You would be happier more often. You would serve others in more ways and do so with a joyful heart. Living a life of passion would improve your mood through out the day thus having a direct affect on your immune system and health. Stronger immune system equals better health, better health means less sickness and disease.

Many doctors will tell you that your attitude will have a direct affect on your immune system. Dr. Bruce Fife C.N., N.D., a certified nutritionist and naturopathic and author of "What You Eat May be Killing You" (I know scary title but what he says makes sense:) he says, "Develop a positive mental attitude. Your mind and your attitude have a great deal of influence over your health. If you are determined to improve your health and believe you can, you most likely will get better. You have to have faith and think positively. Our mental attitude affects the immune system. Believe it or not, if you think you can recover from illness, your immune system actually works better. Negative feelings depress the immune system."
What better way to maintain a positive attitude, than to do what you are specifically designed to do! Live every day doing only the things that truly "light your fire". Live doing only the things your passionate about.

I believe you and everyone in the world is uniquely created to do something in life that only you are designed to do. Sure there are other Electricians, Realtors, Financial Planners, Artists, etc... but there is only one that is best suited to work with your clientele, only one that thinks the way you do or works the way you do and that's...YOU. You're unique and talented and the world needs what you have to offer.

Growing up your parents reassure you that you can do anything you want! Your parents tell you, you can be an astronaut, fireman or a doctor; anything they say. And then as adults we lose site of that yet nothing has changed, YOU CAN BE ANYTHING! Your current situation OR your past has Nothing to do with your future and who you choose to become. You limit You. No matter what has happened to you in the past, what your age is, what your current career is, none of that is actually holding you back from living your ideal life and living your passions. Don't get me wrong those may be obstacles In your life or things you use as excuses to why you can't live the life you want to live but again, really, at the core "You Limit You". The only thing that has changed since you were a child and your parents and teachers told you that you could be anything, is your attitude, your belief in yourself.
In my life I have struggled through many situations. As a child in school I was bullied, my Dad moved away when I was eleven years old, I suffered with depression for a while in my late teens and early twenties and I have been poor, I mean really broke. Trust me there is more but my point is not to highlight my struggles, it's to say "I have been there" but I never stopped searching for answers, ways to improve myself, examples and stories of people who went from failure to success, rag to riches and there are tons of those stories.

Here are just a few examples of people who live their passions dispite adversity:

Grandma Moses - who was told as child she couldn't paint because the family couldn't afford it. She was told that she was meant to work on the farm and have a family but not to become a painter. When her arthritis wouldn't allow to work the farm or embroider anymore, at the age of 75, she began to paint. Shortly after she became wealthier than ever before and gained fame and notoriety for her art. She died at the age 101. She lived 26 years following her heart and living her passion.

Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple computer, here is a 14min. clip of a 2005 commencement speech Steve Jobs gave that tells his story. He can tell his story better than me. Listen for the part where he says, "He trusted it would all work out"... because "IT" did! In fact he was fired from his own company, yet him and Apple are back on top. **WARNING, THIS CLIP COULD AND MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE** (right click and you'll be able to open the clip in a seperate window)

Tom Cruise - Tom and his family grew up very poor. They traveled allot and he never spent much time in one school. Tom struggled with dyslexia growing up and never did well in school. He put his attention on sports until a knee injury derailed his hopes of an athletic career. He joined a monastery thinking priesthood was what he wanted but that was not for him. Although he had acted in a few plays in high school he had no formal training. With determination and his mothers support he decided to pursue an acting career and you know how that turned out.

And the list goes on and on and on and ... you get the point.

One of the problems I see is that our school system doesn't support the idea of living your passion and following your heart. Thank goodness for college drop outs like Bill Gates and Kanye West, who follow their dreams and change the world. I'm Not advising that kids drop out of school, I am suggesting there should be a class, as early as 1st grade, where children are taught to discover their passion in life, to listen to and follow their hearts and then to make a good living doing whatever it is they're born to do. This process should be repeated all the way through college. Instead of this ideal we get trapped early in life working for a paycheck. We get stuck. As time goes on we get more discouraged and start to believe we can't make a living doing what we love and that is not true; we've just never been taught how. The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki is a great book that helps people deal with the fear of failure, how to build wealth and how to avoid being trapped in what Robert calls "the rat race".
Learning to find your path and live your passion:
If all of this makes sense so far but you are just confused to what you're really meant to do in life OR you know but you need the courage, confidence and know how to live it; here are some answers:

1. Ask questions -Turn off the T.V. or radio and ask yourself:
What do I love to do? What excites me?
If I new I couldn't fail what would I attempt to do?
What would I be willing to do for free?
What has happened in my life that I could help others learn from?
What business owner, actor, singer politician or leader do I admire and respect?

When you ask these questions listen in peace and quiet to the answer and then write it down, With Out Judgement! Write down whatever comes to mind. Don't question your answer, don't judge your answer and in no way limit yourself ...Just Write.

2. Take the passion test - Yup there is a test:
The test was created by Chris and Janet Atwood. They created a test to help you find your true passions in life and they have written a life changing book called, take a guess,... The Passion Test (did you guess right?) The test is easy and fun and the book is amazing with stories and suggestions to help you. Here is the link to their website where you can take the test and buy the book.
3. Go to a seminar - Invest in yourself:
People will go to college and spend thousands but someone says "Seminar" and some people will think your crazy. In my experience I have learned a lot more about myself, life, and business at a 2 day or 4 day seminar then in four years 0f college. You heard me mention in my last message how amazing the "Life Directions" seminar by T Harv Eker and his company Peak Potentials is and that is just one of many created to help you live to your full potential. Below is that link one more time. The "Life Directions" workshop is amazing and it helps thousands of people find their passion in life and their life Mission. You will learn, grow and change for the better in a very fun and very supportive environment. There are many other companys that offer workshops like these, but these are the only ones I have personally experienced but take my word they're life altering.

The End and Now it's Time For Action:
You have heard why it's important to do what you love to do and live a life of passion. I have shared with you stories of people who have overcome obstacles to make their dreams come true and I have given you tools to do the same. Unfortuneately words and resources alone will not help you or change your life but the action you take because of those words and resources will! SO What are You Waiting For?? Get up, get out and get busy. Go live your dreams!
***I leave you with this one last quote, It's powerful. I don't know the Author but here it is, the truth: "We Don't Succeed In spite of Our Obstacles and Challenges, We Succeed Because of Them."***

Write me and give me your feed back I would love to hear your ideas, how your living your passions or just thoughts on this weeks message.
Peace & Prosperity,
Dallas M Cyr

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