Sunday, January 3, 2010

Intention & Attention

Welcome to part two in a six part series of "Manifesting the Life You Desire". If you are just joining us and have not read part 1 having a Vision please do so. The following post will still be very helpful but might have better context if you read the previous; that will be the case with each part in this series.


Intention & Attention

The power to manifest the life you desire is not only in having the “Vision” but how long can you hold the vision in both your conscious and subconscious mind. As I mentioned in Part one of this series the vision is the seed to what you desire. In that same analogy if you were planting and growing a crop the Attention on your vision is the water, it nourishes your desire. Your "Intention" would be the Sun...its the source.

The longer you hold the vision or keep your attention on the vision the more you bring it into your reality; it surfaces from the unconscious to conscious mind and the longer it stays there the better.

Along with your attention is “Intention”. Intention here is separate from the idea of intending and creating it by you alone. The key thing about intention is it comes from Source, from the infinite, from the Creator. But remember in part one Everything is Energy and so Everything derives from Source, therefore you are already connected to whatever it is you desire for your life.

In this principle of intention it is not about “Making” something happen, it’s about “Allowing” something to happen. In life you are not connecting with what you envision, because it’s already yours; you are “RE-CONNECTING” with your vision.

I’ll say it again you simply need to “RE-CONNECT” with what you desire. The more clarity you bring to your vision or desire and the longer you hold your attention on it, the faster it is realized. Dr. Wayne Dyer describes it as a link or wire that connects you to what you want and what is necessary is for the link to be cleaned. We have corroded it with fear, lack of belief or allowing doubt and negativity to muddy the connection etc… But when we can clean that link of past conditioning and advance forward with confidence holding strongly to our vision; it will be so.

Wayne Dyer has a book and PBS special titled the Power of Intention. I can not do this topic the justice it deserves without his help. This special moved me profoundly and changed my life forever. I have embedded the first hour of that special right here. The second half is available on Google at the link below. I will say this; the first 5 minutes will make you smile and say, “Wow”. After 30mins you will say “Holy Shit” and you will love what you are hearing and after two hours you won’t be the same.

How do you strengthen your Intention and connection to source?

Ask yourself often what do I really want? When the answer comes back and it makes you feel “GOOD”, you’ll know you are on the right track(more about the importance of belief and feeling good in part 3). Bring yourself back to what you intend for your life often. Keep your attention on what is good and what you are grateful for. Become more alert to where your attention is throughout each day. If you intend to make more money and live healthier, BUT your Attention is on how stressed out you are, how poorly you ate yesterday or how hurt, broke you are etc… you’re not focused on what you wish to attract. Those thoughts cannot occupy the same space

you are either thinking of and working towards what you want OR you are
drifting from it,
and keeping yourself from it. Remember keep the connection clean; “RE-CONNECT” to your vision because it is already yours. Live in positive expectation!

Keep in mind anyone can think of a goal, picture an image once, but how long they hold their Attention on that Intention determines their belief that it’s possible to obtain drawing that goal or item into their lives that much faster.

One of the best ways to do this; to RECONNECT is through meditation. Do it daily!

The next key and part three of our six part series in manifesting the life you desire is:

Belief and Feeling

Peace & Prosperity
Dallas M Cyr

PS. Here is the link to the rest of the "Power of Intention" talk by Dr. Wayne Dyer


Sonya said...

Powerful.. "Focus on what you wish to attract." I will be more alert tomorrow. Thank u!

Therese Miu said...

What a candid post for the New`Years! I love this series! Your writing is incredible! A Goddess in my life name Erlina Sinaga shared her thoughts about Intention:, “When you intent something, you know it in your guts in you heart and in your mind that nothing is going to get in the way, and you will not allow anything other than the manifestation of your intention. It’s like this burning fire in you ready to illuminate the entire cosmos. That burning fire in you is your source energy, your heart’s desire, your strength and will, your focused mind, your higher self, your being, your inspiration, and everything that’s in you that really wants to express itself and manifest something, will come forward through the power of intention and make things happen. Intention is a tool for you to co-create your life and channel the source. It’s not a question if I ever use the power of intention, but it’s more of a practice to life mastery by mastering the art of intention. And the more I practice, the more things or people show up in my life faster and faster, sometimes at lightning speed. The key is be honest and be absolutely present when you set your intention, and the rest is magical. It’s like having this magic wand, and you can go around and give life to your heart desires and your dreams.”
I loved when she said this and posted it on my blog to re-assure myself. I love how you connected it with Attention so well.
Thanks again D! I hope you continue to keep on writing...