Monday, January 25, 2010

Belief & Feeling

Welcome to the exciting continuation of "Manifesting the Life You Desire". The importance Belief & Feeling have on manifesting what you desire. Part three in a six part series.

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"Whether you believe you can or you believe you can not, you are right." ~ Henry Ford

Your Beliefs are the very fabric, not of who you are, but rather who you think you are and that is very powerful! Your beliefs shape how you feel about yourself and others. Your beliefs will either raise your life to a higher standard or keep you as low as you choose to be. In fact your belief is all that exists,

"no man can make you king if you believe yourself to be a pauper and no one can
hold you to being a pauper if you believe yourself to be a King."

In the realm of manifesting the life you want, so often people have a desire that leads to a Vision, which, they put their Attention on for a little while, but thanks to their limiting beliefs about what they deserve or are capable of, what they truly desire is never realized.

If you are not living the life you desire your beliefs may need an upgrade. Because what we believe has such profound affect on the way we see ourselves, it also affects the actions we will take or dreams we will allow ourselves to pursue, and therefore it affects what we do or do not accomplish in our lives. The problem is most of our beliefs are deep rooted and we don't give them much thought as to why we believe what we do it affects our lives.

If we don't recognize & understand our beliefs or the impact they have on us then how do we know what to change or how to change it? We will be destined to live false lives based on false understandings!

Change Your Beliefs

If you wanted to change what you believe you might start first by questioning what you believe.

Give some thought to how smart you think you are? How strong you believe you are emotionally? Do you consider yourself a success or failure in life? Is making money easy or hard? How do you feel about money; is money something that can be used to make the world around you better or is it the root of all evil? Is dreaming a foolish activity and a waste of time OR a great way to spend an hour and fuel the visions and passions you have for your life?

One exercise you can do to discover the beliefs you have is to recognize and preferably write down, in the course of a week, all the thoughts you have that are proceeded by one these statements:

  • If only...
  • I believe...
  • Yea but...

usually these statements indicate a belief such as, "yea but...I would be making more money if things weren't so tough in the economy" or "If only...I was skinnier it would be easier to find good relationship"

Also be on the look-out for statements or cliches' you often use like:

  • "True love is hard to find"
  • "The Rich get richer while the poor get poorer"
  • "Money doesn't grow on trees"
  • "It takes too much time (or money) to start a busniess"
  • "There isn't enough hours in the day"

Some majors areas to contemplate what you believe are:

  • How are you in your relationships as a spouse, parent, sibling or friend?
  • How are you in the work place as an employee or boss?
  • How are you with making and managing money?
  • How are you in the area of fitness and taking care of your health?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being poor and 5 the high score.

After you have determined your level of success or confidence in these areas ask yourself why you scored a 1 through 5. What do you believe about a particular area that makes you a 1 or 5?

The next part is to ask yourself why you believe the things you do. For example if you want to buy a rental property but you have a belief that real-estate investing is scary, ask yourself, "why do I think this?" Did your parents have a bad experience investing in real-estate where many nights at the kitchen table you heard about how hard and risky it is?

After you determine where the belief might have come from, ask yourself if the source is valid. Personally I Love my parents very much but I would never ask them for investment advice! If your parents aren't successful in real-estate does it makes sense to continue on with that belief or to create a newer more supportive one?

As I am sure you have heard before you want to discover if your beliefs are empowering or dis-empowering? Ask yourself how has this belief made your life better or worse? What has it cost you and what are you giving up if you continue this belief? The big question is...are you willing to pay that price just to keep yourself where you are? Actually it's worse, because we never really stay where we are, we progress or digress.

Keep in mind, it's one thing to have a dream but you'll never be the person you need be or have the vibrational energy you need, to attract your goal to you, if don't replace the old belief with a new one. You must believe you can succeed.

"You must believe better to become more. At that point you will move from believing to Knowing!"

So once you have determine that a belief is not serving you the final part is to replace it. For example if your belief is, investing in real-estate is difficult and risky, write "Investing in real-estate is easy and profitable" to replace it.

Do this for each of your limiting or dis-empowering beliefs and create a new mantra, then repeat one new belief each week as explained in the exercise below until you have a series of new Empowering beliefs in the areas where you wish to grow.

Create a new belief like the real-estate example above. Post your new belief where it can be seen often and read it out loud in this fashion: with your hand on your chest over your heart, in the mirror, looking yourself in the eye. Read the statement 5 times in the morning when you wake, 5 times in the afternoon and 5 times at night before bed. Do this for seven days.

This will help ingrain the belief in you because you will feel the vibration in your chest as you speak the words! You will Hear the new thought repeatedly in your ears and you will see yourself say it and (over time) see the transformation in your eyes as the belief changes. At first it may feel weird and you may have trouble saying it but by the weeks end you will be grinning in the mirror with confidence as you speak your new belief.

Side note: A difficult truth may be, if you think this is silly and you aren't willing to give something so easy a try what else are you willing "to Not Do" to accomplish your dreams? The answer is anything, your not really willing to do anything.


Feeling good is so fun why would you choose to feel any other way? Yup I said choose; it's a choice.

I could have created an entirely separate post in regards to the importance of feeling good and manifesting the life you desire but I believe that Belief & Feeling go hand in hand, so I chose to keep it relatively short; if you feel good you live good. When you feel good you become a magnet for your dreams.
The reason I said above, feeling good is a choice, is because beyond the chemical effect going on in your brain, how you feel has everything to do with your attitude and perspective.

For example I believe so strongly that our challenges in life (everyone of them with no exception) are Gifts, so whenever I am confronted with a challenge or obstacle I say thank you! I immediately look for the solution or opportunity to learn & grow and even though it may get tough and nothing is perfect, I remain in good spirits and in a positive frame of mind. This also goes when I have a flu or an illness I remain positive and feel good, and when I am under career pressure I feel good; I choose to always feel good.

When you feel good your vibrational energy (which we discussed a little in part 1 on vision) will be higher and that will in turn, more easily attract good things and good people into your life.

Let's think of this from a very simple stand point. If you knew of someone who was always negative, often complaining, stressed out and frequently in a bad mood, how much time would you want to spend with that person?

The universe is the same way being drawn either to or away from you, depending on your attitude, how you feel and therefore the energy you emit.

The trick becomes shifting your perspective. "When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change" ~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

You are more likely to maintain a positive attitude if you can keep a positive perspective on your life even when things are tough. Improving your perspective may take time. Improving your perspective may also take working on your beliefs. I didn't always look at my challenges as gifts, it took time and some work to get there. In addition to shifting your perspective for making mood changes quick in the short term it is a good idea to have a list of actions you can take to improve your mood immediately.

Here is a short list of things I like to do to improve my mood and feel good whenever I need help doing so:

  • Exercise = endorphins those always help to improve your mood.
  • Spend time with Pets.
  • Listen to upbeat music.
  • Write a list of things I am grateful for. (this will also do wonders on your perspective)
  • Watch a comedy.
  • Call a friend that can lift your spirits.

Side note: I will not cover this here because it is a whole post in itself but it is so important it had to be mentioned. Your diet and how you eat has a "Profound" affect on how you feel. So many people do not know how to eat properly and many think they do but are poorly informed. Be a master of nutrition and it will help you to feel good.

The quicker you can get back in a good mood, the longer you keep feeling good and maintain a positive attitude, the better. Remember be a magnet for your dream. Your dream, Successful people that you will need to attract to get there or that you'll associate with once there and the Universe, are all attracted to higher vibrational energy!

Believe in you, believe in your dream and feel good; you will be that much closer to manifesting the life you desire.

Ok, far in this series we have discussed Vision and the idea that Vision is energy just like "Everything" else in the world. Vision is the seed to your desire. Your Intention is the path already created to reach your desire, it's Divine and comes from "Source" so it is a matter of cleaning the connection to your dream and clearing a path. Attention is the focus or water your vision needs to grow. Belief is important because it is easy to fritter away a vision you have or fall short on a goal when you don't actually believe it's possible and Feeling good is a major key to having the attitude it takes and being the person you need to be, to attract your vision to you.

In part 4 we will cover...

Joyous Action

This completes part three... or does it? Feel free share Your thoughts. What did I miss? How might this help you or others? Thank you for visiting.

Peace & Prosperity
Dallas M Cyr


Prosperity said...

"Your beliefs shape how you feel about yourself and others. Your beliefs will either raise your life to a higher standard or keep you as low as you choose to be."

Absolutely, we act, operate according to our Self Image(what we believe abt. ourselves and abt. what we can achieve)...
Great post my friend.
Lorena Heletea

ThereseMiu said...

This is a GREAT POST Dallas. I especially like when you said “Change Your Beliefs” so easy said than done when we are stuck from our past programming, limited belies, and expectation seems to overcast our vision. I love how you mentioned to take close inventory and ask yourself questions “Give some thought to how smart you think you are? How strong you believe you are emotionally? Do you consider yourself a success or failure in life? Is making money easy or hard?” BECAUSE THE FIRST THING TO CHANGING ONES COURSE IS TO ASK BETTER QUESTIONS. I will be honest with you that the question that hit me on your blogpost was the question, “How are you with making and managing money?” Though I make fairly great income, managing and systemizing my familys household income was one of the biggest priority that I wanted to improve for 2010. I have also have gotten lazy about saying my affirmations so I will follow your profound and incredible insight into “Read the statement 5 times in the morning when you wake, 5 times in the afternoon and 5 times at night before bed. Do this for seven days.” You will also get a call from when I need an uplifting and need to “feel good.” I agree with you 100% that belief and feeling (emotion) are one. Hence both need to flow in sync with each other to raise higher vibrations.

I thank You I deeply value our friendship and the tremendous impact you’ve had on my life. I appreciate you! ;)
Love Light & Blessings
Therese Miu

Dallas M. Cyr said...

Thank both for your thoughtful comments. You offer clarity & support to me and other readers as well as insight to how my post(s) have offered Value.

Lorena thanks for the visit and compliment and Therese, I am glad I could help. Feel free to contact me whenever you need to a little motivation or if you have questions about money management as that has been my area of expertise as a financial planner with almost 10 years in insurance and investments.

Dallas M Cyr

Anni said...

Love this, Dallas. Good words to live by. Thanks for always sharing your thoughts.