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Achieve & Maintain the Life You Desire

Here we are at the conclusion of Manifesting the Life You Desire. I am excited to have completed my first official multi-part series as a blogger! I truly hope you have found this series useful and have started to use some of these ideas and suggestions in your life.

Second, I have a BIG announcement this is my last post on this blog!

I am moving up town and taking you folks with me!

As of April 1st 2010 I will be posting from my new home (don't go there just yet)

I hope you will continue to follow me I promise to take the value, the messages and content to a whole another level!

BUT before then, we have some unfinished business here...

Welcome to part Six in the Six part series, Manifesting the Life You Desire. In this post we will discuss "Achieve & Maintain". No doubt there will be challenges in any endeavor. When we really step out to live the life we desire and implement the things we have discussed so far, you will still encounter obstacles but you will be better prepared for them. You will also need to stay open to detours or divine guidance along the way.

As a reminder each of the posts in this series offers great value on it's own but...

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This post is about Achieving your goal & Maintaining it!

I have found there are two skills in true success, the achieving but then the continued practice of healthy habits to maintain whatever level of success you have realized.

An example from my own experience, I had a big picture goal; it took me about three and half years to get there but once achieved I felt empty. I had put so much emphasis on reaching the goal that when I got there I was left with the feeling of "now what?" Maybe you can relate?

I asked myself, "do I just work to climb up the hill all over again? and for what?" Inevitably I went into a deep depression. Now looking back and giving it some analysis as to why that happened I discovered a couple things.

First, I learned that my focus was only on the end result. I didn’t appreciate the doing, connecting and learning along the way. Also as I got closer to achieving my goal I failed to set another, bigger goal, after. I was left with the idea of just repeating rather than continuing to grow and build.

Second reason was, working on this goal, wasn’t really important to me. I was doing it for all the wrong reasons.

Remember even though you have a vision it doesn’t mean it’s something YOU should pursue. Don't forget the reasons we have the thoughts we have, is due to past conditioning. That's why all five parts before this post of exploring and getting new references, as well as taking time to discover what is really important to YOU, etc...are so key!

Since I've gotten on a path that truly aligns with who I am and what I want, not what someone else wants for me or convinces me is good, I have had greater success and less stress. I have also started to enjoy the whole process not just the end result; therefore, no matter what I accomplish I always feel fulfilled not empty or wanting.

So manifesting the life you desire is all about being “Totally” clear on what you “Really” desire AND enjoy every part, not also the journey but “Especially” the journey! Sure there will be things you're not crazy about. Career wise for example you may not love training, red-tape and hold ups, paper-work and so on, but the rest of the journey will be so much fun you won't be stopped by any of that (in fact at some point you might hire some one else to deal with that stuff).

If in Manifesting the Life You Desire your working on finding a mate; you need to be clear on who you're looking for but also clear on who you need to be to attract and retain that person in your life.

Next part to achieving what you desire is being open to receiving it. That may sound crazy but so many people don’t:

1. Make room in their lives for anything new. If your home is cluttered, mind is cluttered, life is cluttered the Universe has no way to give you more. Also you may still be holding on to anger or resentment of a past business or personal relationship. LET IT GO! Make room and make a declaration to the universe and God, literally, declaring out loud that you are open and ready to receive. Write it down and repeat it daily.

2. Believe they deserve it. We covered this a bit in Belief and Feeling part 3 of this series but it’s a very important point. You are deserving of all the good the Universe has to offer. Let go of any past guilt for whatever mistakes you made, start fresh. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

In living the life you desire there is no room for stagnate energy!

And finally Maintenance!! There is achieving and then there is managing what you get! They are two totally different skills. There is the classic example of the poor lottery winner who hit’s the jackpot and one year later they are back to broke.

Jim Rohn said getting rich is not about the money
but about the person you have to become to get there.

Here is another example; if you work hard to build a great, healthy physical body in order to enter and win a fitness competition and then once you get that trophy you start binging on fast food and you stop exercising what is sure to occur?

Darren Hardy wrote a great post not long ago about the one true key to success. The one thing that could virtually guarantee the achieving of any goal if applied and the one thing most fail to implement … CONSISTENCY!!!

This is why true success and achievement, is at present, reserved for the few and not the many. But you can decide now and at anytime to turn this around and join the top 5% of Achievers in the world. To maintain any achieved desire or move to the next one you must simply continue to perform the activities that got you there. Maintain the same frame of mind or better; maintain the behaviors or improve the behaviors that got you there!

So here we are at the end of this great six part series and you may have noticed manifesting the life you desire, as I mentioned in the very beginning is not Magic BUT its still Magical! You can do it!

What may seem so difficult now (hopefully less so after reading these posts) is completely attainable at any time you choose to implement these steps. You really do hold the key and its never too late to start "Manifesting the Life You Desire!"

Remember this is my last post here and in less two full weeks the new site will be live and loaded! I look forward to continuing to serve you and help you,

"Live Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Lives; Live Empowered."

Please feel free share Your thoughts. Did I miss anything? How might this help you or others?

Peace & Prosperity,
Dallas M Cyr

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