Saturday, February 27, 2010

Correct & Adjust: The Universe May Know a Better Way

Welcome to part five in the six part series, Manifesting the Life You Desire. In this post we will discuss "Correction & Adjustment". No doubt there will be challenges. In addition you may need to stay open to detours or divine guidance along the way.

As a reminder each of the posts in this series offers great value on it's own but...

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Correction and Adjustment - you have the vision, you set your intention, put your attention and energy towards what you want, you believe you can have what you desire, you are putting forth the effort to maintain a positive attitude and feel good; finally you have started taking joyous action and bamm... you're done right? Wrong!

Many people don't realize that manifestation and any real success in life, takes practice. Even more so it takes failure. As T. Harv Eker, author of the best selling book "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" and founder of Peak Potentials says, "Every Master was once a Disaster." Yes failing is a part of succeeding. Failing is learning, it's growing, it helps to toughen the skin and give you the experience needed to reach your goal or find your purpose. You will hear me say this many times over,
"our challenges and obstacles in life are in fact our greatest gifts in life."

Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I have never had a challenge where the result after coming out the other side didn't offer a new relationship, a problem for me to solve where after doing so generated more money or a skill or lesson that helped me grow as an entrepreneur.

In addition, like anything worth while in life, the Law of Attraction will take practice to master. This is a Law worth studying and mastering but it's not a magic pill.

Really what you're doing with the Law of Attraction is training your mind to create the life you want. It's like a workout routine to build a your mind-muscle. The more you train and practice the stronger it gets. Over time you will see that you will be able to manifest things faster and faster. I know for me what used to take me years, months or weeks can sometimes take days now. The more connected I am in the process, the higher my energy and belief, the clearer my vision, the faster the result. This goes for attracting anything, opportunities, money, relationships etc...

It's just important for you to remember three key things:

One - Practice. Always come back to this process over and over. These six steps to manifest the life you desire. Know that it takes action and sometimes you wont make the right decision. Sometimes you will lose faith in the process, you may get distracted and your attention or focus may shift. The action you take may not be joyous or in the direction of your vision. So what do you do when that happens?

1. Go back to your vision board or written plan and re-connect.
2. Exercise, read something positive, inspiring or motivating, listen to some uplifting music and basically put yourself back into the right frame of mind.
3. Meditate and quite the mind.
4. Take one step, one simple joyous act towards your dream no matter how minor.
5. "Act as if" Remember as discussed in my last post act as if the vision was already yours, because it is!

Two - Remember it's not magic (but it is mystical, powerful and a process of divine nature) Here is an analogy I like to use: You can succeed with out using (or consciously using) the Law of Attraction but doing so is like framing an entire house with a manual hammer; instead if you use a nail gun the result may be the same but you get there more efficiently with less exertion. It's the same if you use the Law Attraction consciously. But just because you use the Law it doesn't mean you can buy the wood and nails and then sit in your truck while the house constructs itself. This whole process is a tool and once mastered it can be the most important tool you will ever have to create anything in life. Note: above I said Consciously because the Law is constant and always working for or against you whether you know it or not.

Three - Stay flexible. You may have a vision in mind and know how you're going to get there but the Universe and God may know a better way or have a bigger mission for you. It is important to stay open to the signs and people that me your way. If you're vision is to narrow or your mind is closed and you're thinking "this is the way it's got to be" or you are set on something happening a certain way, you may end making things harder on yourself. I know this can be difficult for people. It was hard for me to learn. The idea of being "Flexible" does not come easy to me because I am a bit of a control freak. This is a good place to exercise faith. Remember you must be committed and focused but open;
there can be many paths to the top of the mountain.
Here is an example that may help. I have been in the insurance and financial industry for 10 years. I Built my own financial planning practice and have help many people with their financial needs but the suggestions I made and products I sold to clients were not the only way for them to reach their goals. Now, I am confident that what I recommended given my expertise and experience was the "Best" option for the clients needs, concerns, goals and resources but could that client have decided to work with someone else and still have reached their goals? Could they have worked with an advisor who had a different philosophy or access to different products but got them to essentially the same end result? Yes.

You may know what you want and think you know the best way to get it but God is limitless. Where you may see only a couple possibilities the boundless universe may show you a way you would have never consider; a better way, maybe an easier way. Actually the path may even seem "harder" but along that path you may learn something or meet someone that changes your life for the better forever; making the end result all the more sweet!

The road to success is never a straight and clear path; there are detours and falling rocks to look out for. For most people it takes much practice and correction to master the Law of Attraction and manifest the life they desire. I say most because occasionally there are those who just "Get It". They believe, they implement, they make slight corrections but with ease and they succeed using the Law as their guide and never look back. But for most (including myself) that is not the case and so it is important to know it will take time and to be gentle on yourself in the beginning; get good using these principles.

And here we are, almost at the finish line. One last post in the series. I hope you have enjoyed reading these as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Join me next week for the conclusion of "Manifesting the Life You Desire."

Part six: Achieve & Maintain.

Please feel free share Your thoughts. Did I miss anything? How might this help you or others?

Peace & Prosperity,
Dallas M Cyr


Anonymous said...

You ARE helping me. Thank you for taking the time to write all this and for sharing. Thank you.

Dallas M. Cyr said...

It is my mission and joy to help & guide people to live better lives. All I do is share what has given me peace and success and hope it will connect with others. I am honored to know you appreciate my blog and grateful you took time to share. I am in the process of creating a new blog with video posts. I hope you will join me there as well.

I wish you Peace & Prosperity, Dallas M Cyr