Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joyous Action Part 4 of Manifesting the Life You Desire

Here We Are, part four in the six part series, Manifesting the Life You Desire. In this post we will discuss "Joyous Action"; what it means and its relavence to the Law of Attraction. I will also give you some tips on how to do everything as joyous action and hopefully you'll never have to "Work" again.

For me this is a joyous act being here to serve you and I hope you have enjoyed the series thus far.

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Work. To me, that is a dirty 4 letter word but "Joyous Action" is more like a bowl of ice cream with whip cream, hot fudge and Two cherries!

”To find joy in work is to discover the fountain of youth.” --Pearl S. Buck
Billions of people wake each day and go to "work" but to few are following their passions and/or taking joyous action.

Even though this is series about manifesting the life you desire you cannot live in the future. You must start where you are today. Start today, doing everything with a joyous heart, its the only way to truly live! No matter what you do, do it with energy and enthusiasm. If what you do now for work is not your Dream job or ideal career, no one should ever know it!

I am of the opinion doing your current work to the best of your ability and striving to be the best will accomplish many things. One, it puts you in state of feeling good and you know how important that is to manifesting the life you desire if you read my last post.

Two, working hard, with joy and a positive attitude will help to boost your confidence increasing the level of belief you have in yourself. (also discussed in the last post) It will also get you working at the level you will need to be successful in any future ventures.

Third, and it's a Big One... "doing everything with a joyous heart, giving 100% right where you are today, will make you deserving of more! And that is the key; for we are rewarded by God, the universe and others based on how deserving we are, not how needy we are!"

You may be saying, "but I hate my job" or "the people in my office drive me nuts, so why would I ...and how can I work with joy and a positive attitude?" Great question, here are a couple of tips as to how to love the work you are currently dissatisfied with.

Tip one, "Act as if". Let me say (with a kind and gentle slap upside your head) this is not a, "what came first chicken or the egg" scenario. If you truly want to your Dream job or to be working in your Dream career, to find and follow your passion, start a business, etc... you must First, "act as if"! You don't magically get the job you want or the opportunity you're dreaming of and THEN be happy, improve your attitude, be grateful etc...

You probably have heard this before but to "act as if" means to behave in manner of expectancy, to act as though you are already in that role. Think to yourself, "who would I have to become now to live the life I imagine?" Would the person doing what you now only dream to do have your current frame of mind, your current level of energy or enthusiasm in life? Would they behave with the lack of joy you do at work? No, almost certainly they would not. I promise you getting where you want to go will happen with much easier by "acting as if" you were already there.
"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home.”
--Betty Bender

Ok, so how do you learn to love what you do now, until you get where you desire to be? You Act As If...

Seriously it's amazing how working with the end in mind keeping your dream close, keeping your Attention on your dream as discussed in part 2 of this series, will put you in a brand new state of mind. Do this while living in the now and performing your current task or job. You will notice the work will get lighter, your energy will increase and people around you will treat you differently.

Tip two is to live with an Attitude of Gratitude! When I learned the power of this I started appreciating everyting in my life which, in turn made me aware of how fortunate I was to have a job I didn't like. Instead of being unhappy that I wasn't in my ideal Dream job I gave thanks that my bills were paid and that I had work when so many are jobless. With this new attitude of gratitude I kept searching in my free time for ways to live my passion and built a plan to get there but in the meantime I gave thanks for what I already had. Never lose perspective. When you think you have it rough or find yourself being ungrateful think of the many that have it worse. Then come back to your chair, your life, write down 5 things you have to be grateful for, say thank you, put a smile on your face and take "Joyous Action".

Tip three is to start doing more of what you love today! If you had all the time and money in the world what would you do? Well you don't have to wait. People think they have to wait to live the life they desire but you can take Joyous action immediately!

Here is an an example. You leave work, a job your not thrilled with but one you're enjoying more thanks to tips 1 and 2. You have always dreamed of traveling to Italy. Before, you thought it was too exspensive, you didn't have the time and you thought if you couldn't do it right or right now, why bother. Also, you figured it would happen "Some Day". Take joyous action now! Cut out pictures of where you want to visit in Italy. If you're a AAA auto member you can get free maps and guides at your local AAA center. Search online to find out the best airfares and times to visit. Write out how long you would like to go for and what you would do while there and start a Money for Italy jar. Maybe you only put in five dollars a week but START! And each night before bed take 5 minutes to look at your photos and then close your eyes and see yourslef on that trip; that is taking "joyous action". You can do this with the new career you want to start or learning to play the guitar, anything. Just take little steps towards your goal.

"Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." --David
People have said to me, "Dallas all that sounds great and I would love to follow my heart and make my passion my career but I'm stuck". Or they say they feel stuck. I cannot stress enough, "You Are NEVER Stuck!"

I understand that if you have children to feed and bills to pay that you may feel as though your feet are in quick drying cement when it comes to living the life you desire. You may think if you did try and live the life you desire that you would struggle and your family would starve but that is why this process is so powerful!

Enjoy what you do now. Perform your current work with Joy and Gratitude. But make time to Dream and find your ultimate vision. Write it down, paint it, create a vision board or go to, the link is above and its free. Understand what you desire is already yours through the power of intention. Keep your Attention on your vision often, constently review, research and plan. Believe you can have it and that you deserve it! Take "Joyous Action" on a regular basis. Whatever small steps you can do now to keep in that state of expectancy; Act As If!

These steps will bring you closer to your desired life but it will also draw your dream closer to you! The greatest part is these are all things you can do now, right now! Go on, what are you waiting for?

Please feel free share Your thoughts. Did I miss anything? How might this help you or others?

Thank you for visiting.

Next post, part 5 Correction & Adjustments

Peace & Prosperity,
Dallas M Cyr


Therese Miu said...

Thanks Dallas for bringing this to light.

When I left to go to NYC (in Dec) for my self-transformation journey. My intention for 2010 was to do everything out of love. This means from my relationships, my time, to my work...I wanted to infuse love, meaning, & passion to everything I'm doing. So much of what you mentioned here to be in the process of "joyous action" to "act as if." When you have 3-4 min I talk about this here:
Job, Career or Mission... And I meant every word I said in there. Much of what I still wanna accomplish in a holistic approach is to bring love everywhere I go. And bring happiness to my work.

I thank U for this blogpost it just confirms I am on the right path always. I am very very happy to have connected with you and looking forward always to your new posts my friend.

ps. where is your video?


Love Light & Blessings
Therese Miu

Dallas M. Cyr said...

Therese, thank you for the thoughtful comment. Yes infuse love in all you do, that is the core of "Joyous Action". The biggest thing is doing it first.

So many people have the mind set they'll act or live a certain way after "this happens" or after they "accomplish that" but really we need to take joyous action first and just enjoy the journey more.

I to am glad we connected there is more great things on the way!

And yes video soon! :) the launch of the new site is 3/15/10 Stay tuned and thanks for your support!